Discover Hidden Lisbon in a Photowalk this Month

Mae D'Agua Amoreiras, Lisbon

On the 24th of this month you can join a group of “photowalkers” who will be going through the “secret” underground tunnels of Lisbon’s extraordinary reservoirs, and end in one of the city’s most beautiful viewpoints. These tunnels and reservoirs are curated by the city’s award-winning Water Museum, and the starting point for their exploration will be the Amoreiras Garden at 2PM.
The first stop will be the Mãe D’Água reservoir (pictured above) which is now a space used for temporary exhibitions. That is followed by a short walk to the just-renovated Principe Real garden which has another stunning reservoir underneath it. To end the tour the destination is the beautiful São Pedro de Alcântara terrace for the most picture-perfect views of Lisbon.
If you don’t want your tour to end there, you have the option of continuing with other photowalkers to a restaurant in the neighborhood (Bairro Alto).
To join this walk, see its website here: Worldwide Photowalk