Lisbon’s Latest “Tease” – A New Café and Cupcake Shop in Bairro Alto

Tease cupcakes, Lisbon

The world’s first cupcake bakery was born in Los Angeles, but soon others spread across the United States. The most famous of all is Magnolia in New York, thanks to the “Sex and the City” series. The current trend of cupcake shops around the world is also thanks to that TV show, and it has reached Lisbon. Despite this being a city with its own long tradition of pastries (including, of course, its famous custard tarts), cupcakes are being proven to be a success here as well. Although there are now a couple of places where you can find them in the city, the best one is “Tease“, a new café in Bairro Alto.
That neighborhood of restaurants and bars that only open at night (leaving the daytime for trendy boutiques down Rua do Norte) is therefore now also a destination for a drink, tea, and a sugar rush throughout the day. You can’t go for a cupcake breakfast as it only opens at noon, but you can have that specialty for dinner dessert, with doors remaining open until 11PM.
Every time you go you’ll find different cupcakes, in different colors, flavors, and designs at €2.40 each. They all look very tempting, and the space is quite inviting for a stay although you can grab a few to go. The interior is decorated with big comfy chairs, perfect for indulgence in one more guilty pleasure in the city.

Address: Rua do Norte, 31-33

Tease cupcakes, Lisbon

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