The New “Santini”: Lisbon’s Favorite Ice Creams Now in the Center of the City

Santini, Chiado, Lisbon

There are many great ice cream shops in Lisbon, but ask anyone which is their favorite and they’ll most likely name one outside the city. That’s Santini in the suburb of Cascais which has been serving tempting Italian ice creams since the late 1940s. But starting today everyone can also find it in the center of Lisbon, in the Chiado district.
It opens its doors at 10AM and unlike the shop in Cascais, it will not close in winter. So from now on there will be Santini ice creams throughout the year and so much more accessible.
What makes these ice creams so special? There are no artificial flavorings (if it says it’s of a certain fruit, it really is) and they’re all made on that same day. For the Lisbon branch there will be new flavors such as ginger and purple passion fruit to add to the cinnamon, green tea, and other old favorites such as raspberry and mango. Another great news is that it will also serve the Best Chocolate Cake in the World which will perhaps become the most popular choice on the colder days. On those winter days it will also likely be accompanied by the Nespresso coffee available.
You can have it all at any time, as doors will only close at midnight every day.

Address: Rua do Carmo, 9

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