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Out in Lisbon This September

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Out Jazz Lisbon

Below are the main events that you can look for if you’re in town in the upcoming weeks:

Until the 12th, from Thursday to Sunday, late in the afternoon, you can catch live music, dance and theater in the city’s gardens and viewpoints. It includes the OutJazz festival which this month takes place in the little-known Necessidades Park, on the 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th starting at 5PM.
Everything is free.

On Septmber 9th, most boutiques in Lisbon’s main shopping areas (Chiado, Avenida da Liberdade and surroundings) will remain open until late, taking part of an event organized by Vogue magazine in several world cities. Prices will be reduced and between 7PM and midnight there will also be some fun activities at some shops.

Lisbon’s longest-running film festival is its gay and lesbian film festival which happens every September in the center of the city. This year it’s once again taking place in Cinema São Jorge, a theater in Avenida da Liberdade, from the 17th to the 25th. Each screening costs 3.50 and tickets can be bought starting on the 8th.
It shows close to 100 films from around the world, so if you plan to see several of them, you can get a discount for multiple tickets.

Lisbon Rocks With Guns N’ Roses, Placebo, Limp Bizkit and Lady Gaga This Fall

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Lisbon concerts

GoLisbon has once again updated its Calendar of Events, listing the upcoming concerts in the city. From now until the end of the year you’ll be able to see performances by Lady Gaga, Shakira, the reborn Guns N’ Roses, Placebo, Limp Bizkit and many others.
And now that the Portuguese soccer (football) season has begun, if you’re a fan of the sport and would like to catch a game when you’re in town, you may also get your tickets here, as well as tickets to any of the concerts listed.
The big summer music festivals may now be over but there will be plenty of music and spectacle going on in Lisbon through the winter. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll also provide information on all other events which will range from street to film festivals.

The 5 Best Riverfront Restaurants in Lisbon

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

There are many outdoor cafés in Lisbon and a long riverfront to enjoy the sun and fresh air. And on the most pleasant days, especially at this time of the year, you don’t have to step back indoors to enjoy your lunch or dinner. There are several restaurants with outdoor seating, and the ones by the river are especially inviting for their ambience and views. You’ll find many on the attractive docks under 25 de Abril Bridge, but those tend to be a little touristy. For a more refined atmosphere in a similar setting, head to one of the five suggestions below, which all offer a good gastronomic experience and outdoor seating.

Ibo Restaurant, Lisbon

Most people are not very familiar with African cuisines, but as a former capital of an empire with colonies in “the Dark Continent,” Lisbon has a few restaurants where you can begin to discover some of the flavors from south of the Sahara. This restaurant on the riverfront by the Cais do Sodré train and ferry terminal specializes in the food of Mozambique but curiously adds a few influences from another former Portuguese colony, India’s Goa. The interior is quite contemporary and attractive, and the river can be seen from the large windows. However, try to get a table outside when the sun is shining.

We’ve already posted a review of this restaurant, found on the top floor of a former warehouse. It faces the river and has a terrace for al fresco dining. The cuisine is essentially Iberian but there are some inspirations from above the Pyrenees, such as the “Entrecôte Café de Paris.” If you can’t get a table on the terrace, enough fresh air flows into the contemporary interior.

It’s one of the best and best-known restaurants in the city but few know that it also has a simpler cafeteria service and a special sushi section. Whether you’re going for a special meal of contemporary Portuguese cuisine or for the lighter menu, you can sit outside on the terrace facing the river. In addition to the river views your attention will also be drawn to the stylish décor of your surroundings.

On the same row of renovated warehouses as Bica do Sapato is this equally trendy but much simpler Italian restaurant. Many swear it makes the best pizzas in town which are extra-extra-thin here. Unfortunately it doesn’t take reservations, so you may have to wait a while for a table, even on weekdays. The best seats are, of course, outside on the terrace.

The name means “Seafood Garden” but it recently added a “Jardim do Sushi” (“Sushi Garden”) on the upper level. Found a couple of doors down from Xico’s (see above), it’s also known for its steaks. No matter what you choose, you’ll always have the Tagus at your feet as you enjoy it.

Lisbon’s Top 5 Summer Rooftop Terraces

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Because summer in Lisbon lasts until October, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy some of the best spots of the season. Of the many terraces in the city (from outdoor cafés to riverfront restaurants), the ones to seek this summer are high up on the rooftops, offering views, cooler air, drinks, and relaxation after a day of sightseeing, meetings, or work:


Sky Bar, Tivoli Lisboa Hotel

It was one of the most talked-about bars last summer and it’s back this year. The views alone are worth a visit, but then there is also a good variety of cocktails (including a couple of non-alcoholic choices), soups, salads, wraps and noodles. It’s found at the top of the Tivoli Lisboa Hotel and it’s especially recommended late in the afternoon, staying for a light dinner as the sun sets followed by late-night cocktails.


Brasserie Rossio

It’s one of Lisbon’s newest restaurants in one of the city’s newest hotels (Altis Avenida). So not too many people know that from here there are beautiful views of downtown all the way to the river, standing above Rossio Station and Restauradores Square. Although the dining area is indoors (but still offering views through its glassed walls), tables and chairs have been placed on the terrace so you can enjoy a light meal or simply a drink at any time of the day. And that’s open to everyone, including non-hotel guests.


NH Liberdade Hotel

Right in the center of Lisbon’s busiest avenue, Avenida da Liberdade, is one of the city’s top secrets. It’s on the top floor of the NH Liberdade Hotel, a terrace with a pool open to non-hotel guests. For 20 euros (quite reasonable for a hotel pool in the city center), you can spend the day diving and swimming surrounded by city views. When you need to regain some energy, there are salads, sandwiches, juices and beer to enjoy poolside until the sun sets.


Terrace, Bairro Alto Hotel

It’s quite small and all the seats are usually taken when you get there, but it’s worth waiting for a spot at this rooftop bar in the Bairro Alto Hotel. Recommended for the afternoon, the drink to get on the hottest days is the “granizado,” a crushed ice and fruit blend.


Entretanto Bar, Hotel do Chiado

Perhaps the best-known of all of Lisbon’s rooftop terraces, “Entretanto” of the Hotel do Chiado offers drinks throughout the day, and is also a good stop for afternoon tea once it gets colder.
To accompany everything are fantastic city views, from the castle to the top of the triumphal arch of Comercio Square.

5 Things to Do in Lisbon This August

Monday, August 2nd, 2010


August is one of the months when Lisbon receives its largest number of tourists, yet it’s when you see the least amount of people on the streets. That’s because many locals are on vacation and have essentially moved down the coast to Algarve, are traveling elsewhere in Europe and around the world, or sunbathing at the beaches of Costa da Caparica. But the city’s cultural and entertainment calendar does not take a break, and those spending their August days in the city will always find plenty to do. Here are some highlights:

The Berardo Museum is one of Lisbon’s most-see attractions, not just for its permanent collection but also because it’s free. There are also temporary exhibitions and this month it has one focusing on works by one of the world’s top contemporary artists, Andy Warhol. Many don’t know that Warhol produced and directed several TV productions between 1979 and 1987, and you can see them here this month and at any time until November 14. These productions reflect the artist’s constant inspiration from the celebrity and entertainment worlds in 1980s New York.

Every August the Gulbenkian Foundation offers a jazz program in its gardens, and this year there is even more outdoor jazz in the city. Every weekend this month you’ll find free jazz concerts in the Belém gardens (next to the Jeronimos Monastery) starting at 5PM. Even if jazz isn’t your favorite music genre, it’s a relaxing soundtrack for a break during your Lisbon sightseeing.

Leading contemporary artists are showing their works in Lisbon’s Portugal Pavilion, in the city’s squares, and in three other cities in the south of the country. This month-long event is a biannual public art show consisting of installations and sculpture related to contemporary life created by national and international artists. You can check it out until August 15 and get more information on the official website:

The beaches of Cascais will get a lot of extra visitors this month. They’re the ones looking for a refreshing dip in the sea, an escape from the city or a suntan, but when the sun goes down it doesn’t mean your time at the beach has to be over. In the center of Lisbon there is an urban beach that opens in the afternoon and lasts until morning. We told you about it last year (Nightlife’s a Beach), and the news for the summer 2010 season is a new sushi restaurant called “Sakana.” If you don’t like raw fish, there is always the Kobe restaurant on the site, specializing in steak.
But if all you want is to chill out, you can go just for cocktails with your feet in the sand and the Tagus River at your feet.

The Belém Cultural Center is currently offering a program of special events in its outdoor spaces lasting until the 31st of the month. This year it’s dedicated to World Music, especially that coming from Iberia and Latin America. But it’s not just about music, as it also presents dance, theater and cinema. It takes place on weekends, and you can see the website for more information: