Must-Dos in Lisbon This October


Discover the Treasures of Pagan and Celtic Portugal
It’s a major “temporary” exhibition that’s lasted for eight years, but it’s coming to an end this month. It’s inside Lisbon’s National Archaeological Museum and shows the “Religions of Lusitânia.” Lusitania is pre-Roman and Roman Portugal, when western Iberia or present-day Portugal was a pagan and Celtic territory.
In this exhibition you’ll surely be surprised and impressed by the richness of the archaeological finds, most of them busts and statues of gods and warriors of the time. Some already cover a Romanized Portugal, but most are pieces of a still-enigmatic civilization found all over Portugal.

Join Lisbon in the Celebration of 100 Republican Years
It’s usually open for visits only once a week, but for the first five days of the month you’ll be able to go inside the official residence of the president of Portugal, Belém Palace. That’s part of the 5-day celebration of the Portuguese Republic which is 100 years old on October 5th. The end of monarchy and the beginning of a new republic is also celebrated in the Museum of the Presidency next to Belém Palace.  Other celebrations take place on those first days on the month every night in Comércio Square with a 3D film showing the history of Lisbon and Portugal. That’s from 9:30PM to 11:50PM.

See the City on a River Cruise
They only take place from April to October, so this month is your last chance to cruise the Tagus and get the best photos of the city from a different perspective until next year. The cruise takes you to the modern district of the city, Parque das Nações, to the most historical, Belém, past all of the main landmarks.
It departs at 2:30PM and ends in Parque das Nações at 6:30PM.

Go to the International Documentary Film Festival
This year’s DocLisboa, Lisbon’s international documentary film festival, will take place from the 14th to the 24th of October. Some of the screenings will be inside a couple of theaters in the city (Cinema Londres and City Classic Alvalade), but most of them will be in Culturgest, a cultural center uptown. The opening film will be one about José Saramago, Portugal’s Nobel Prize-winning author who died earlier this year. Most of the other films are from Europe, but there are also many from North and South America.

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