Lisbon’s Chiado Celebrates Autumn on the Streets

Festa no Chiado

It’s officially autumn in Europe, but it only gets really cold in Lisbon in December. So, rain or shine, it’s still a wonderful time to walk around the city, and for that reason the Chiado district throws a party every year at this time.
Taking place from the 9th to the 16th of the month, the “Festa no Chiado” is a variety of events and activities which will include special exhibitions in the neighborhood’s galleries and oldest bookstores, outdoor concerts in Praça do Camões and inside São Carlos Theater, and free guided tours of the São Roque Museum and of the Carmo Convent ruins (must be booked in advance to join).
There will also be guided walking tours of the neighborhood which will take participants into the most historical shops and back in time into some of the city’s most historical moments of the last century such as the regicide of 1908.
Everything is free and an excuse to discover little-known or forgotten sides of Lisbon’s favorite neighborhood.
The entire program for each day is found here: Centro Nacional de Cultura