Portuguese Sushi? Yes — In Lisbon’s New “Kampai” Restaurant

Kampai Restaurant, Lisbon

The islands that make up Portugal’s Azores have long been known for its fishing and whale hunting. Since whale hunting became illegal and the activity became whale watching, the export king of the Azorean shores became the wild tuna. That tuna mostly ends up in Japan, whose fish used for sushi and its other specialties is often Portuguese.
With that in mind, a new restaurant in Lisbon is all about sushi but 100% from and inspired by the Azores.
Found steps away from São Bento Palace, right by the “tourist tram” 28 tracks, the dining area is simple and contemporary, with a few nautical motifs.
On the plate you’ll have that wild Azorean tuna sushi and sashimi, which can be accompanied by Azorean beverages — the green tea (the only tea produced in European territory), the passion fruit juice or the white wine.
In the end you’ll be saying “kampai” (“cheers”) to all of it.

Address: Calçada da Estrela 35-37
Phone: 213 971 214
Closes on Sundays
Website: http://www.kampai.pt/

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