“Lisbon Top Chefs” – A New Gastronomic Event Coming to Lisbon

Lisbon Top ChefsFrom the 30th of this month to November 5th, ten of Lisbon’s top chefs will be presenting some of their most creative menus in their restaurants.
This event (in part organized by Lisbon’s tourism bureau) was created to create awareness about the recent innovation, diversity and excellence in Portuguese cuisine, and the importance it has on local culture and tourism.
Unlike those created for the Lisbon Restaurant Week, these will not be special “low cost” menus. They will be for those willing to splurge on the luxury of fine dining and enjoying signature dishes. For that you’ll have to go to each chef’s restaurant (listed below).
The criteria for the selection of the top 10 chefs for this event was not announced but I’m personally surprised to not see at least a couple of the city’s most prominent chefs on the list, although any of the selected ten surely merit the distinction. They are: