Changes in Lisbon’s Public Transportation in 2011

Lisbon Metro

The prices of bus or tram tickets in Lisbon have always been the same, but that will change in the new year.
Buses will have an increase of five cents (to €1.50), while riding one of the city’s famous trams will now cost you €2.50.
The landmark funiculars (Santa Justa, Glória, Bica, and Lavra) will cost 3 euros, but those tickets will allow you to go on two rides (even if you just ride once, it will still be €3 euros).
This is yet another reason to acquire the Lisboa Card during a visit to the city, since you’ll be able to ride all public transportation (with the exception of the airport bus) for free.
Lisbon’s metro will also increase the price of its tickets to 90 cents, but it is also free with the Lisboa Card.
Better news was the recent announcement by Carris (the local bus company) that several of its buses will offer free Wi-Fi internet service. Right now it’s only available in buses number 36 and 745, but it will expand to other routes.
To use this service, simply select “CARRIS-TMN” on your computer or smartphone.
However, most tourists never ride the city’s buses, as the metro and the trams take you to all of the city’s attractions.