3 Curious Messages in Lisbon

Message, Lisbon

Tiles are used for everything in Lisbon, from street signs to door numbers, to covering entire façades to cool down the interior. But apparently someone also decided to use it for a personal message. It reads: “I’m better now, thanks.” It’s found on a wall outside one of the exits of the Baixa-Chiado metro station, and the more logical explanation is that it must be part of some kind of artistic project.

Tile message, Lisbon

Another tiled message is found on a hilltop, the Senhora do Monte viewpoint. This one says “Have a good trip, Lisbon waits for you.”

Strange sign in Lisbon, Portugal

Whoever created it, didn’t have the type of dirty mind that will misinterpret this sign at first glance. It’s found in a neighborhood park used for working out, and it’s just one of many indicating the type of exercise to be done on that spot. In this case that’s progressive jumps across a bar.