Which are Portugal’s 7 Best Delicacies?

7 Maravilhas da Gastronomia

There is a national contest at the moment searching for the seven wonders of Portuguese cuisine. The results will be announced in September and there are currently 21 finalists. That’s three in seven categories: soups, appetizers, shellfish, fish, meat, game and desserts. Of course this is a highly-subjective list, and essentially a popular vote from Portugal’s different regions. Some choices are mouth-watering, others not so appetizing. Countless other dishes could have been included, and those familiar with Portuguese cuisine will note some surprising omissions. But this is a great way to get to know the national gastronomy and to remember the specialties of the different parts of the country.
The final three soups are caldo verde (“green soup”), sopa de pedra (stone soup) and açorda à alentejana (a bread stew).
The appetizers are Serra da Estrela cheese, codfish cakes, and Mirandela sausage.
Shellfish: Ameijoas (clams) à Bolhão Pato, arroz de marisco (shellfish rice), and xarém com conquilhas (mashed corn with cockles).
Fish: Bacalhau (cod) à Gomes de Sá, polvo assado no forno (baked octopus), and the good-old sardinha assada (grilled sardines).
Meat: chanfana (baked goat), leitão da Bairrada (suckling pig), and tripas à moda do Porto (tripe).
Game: coelho do Porto Santo à caçador (rabbit Porto Santo), coelho à caçador (rabbit), and perdiz de Escabeche de Alpedrinha (patridge).
Desserts: pasteis (pastries) de Tontúgal, pastel de Belém (custard tarts), pudim Abade de Priscos (pudding).
You may vote on the official website (in Portuguese): www.7maravilhas.sapo.pt/votacao

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