10 Ethnic Restaurants to Try in Lisbon

Gemelli Restaurant, LisbonEvery time you travel you naturally want to experience the local cuisine and you often mix that with the familiar food you have at home. But when you’re in a big city you also have the option of trying the other flavors of the world. When looking for something different to eat in Lisbon, check out these ten ethnic restaurants:

A TAPADINHA (Russian) – Eastern Europeans are Lisbon’s third-largest community after Brazilians and Africans from Portugal’s former colonies. Yet this is the only restaurant in the city offering the flavors of the other side of Europe. It serves mostly Russian cuisine and allows you to book online.

ALI-A-PAPA (Moroccan) – This small restaurant in Bairro Alto is a trip to Morocco not just through the food but also in the decor.

BRASSERIE FLO (French) – This sophisticated restaurant in Avenida da Liberdade is known for its oysters and refined French-inspired cuisine. You may book it online.

DERVIXE (Turkish) – Owned by a Turkish family, here you’ll find authentic Turkish food in a very informal ambience and at very inviting prices.

FENICIO’S (Lebanese) – The Lebanese owner presents the food from his homeland (including some intriguing desserts) at this restaurant not far from Avenida da Liberdade.

GEMELLI (Italian) – More than just pastas and pizzas, this is Italian cuisine at its finest. Online booking available.

IBO (Mozambican) – Facing the riverfront, this attractive restaurant offers food from Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony in southern Africa.

LA PAPARRUCHA (Argentinean) – Juicy Argentian steaks are served at this restaurant with one of the best panoramic views in the city. Online booking available.

SUKHOTHAI (Thai) – There’s a little of Portugal in Thai cuisine (the Portuguese introduced the use of eggs and that’s how Thailand first created its first sweets). You can sample it here at this small restaurant in Bairro Alto.

ZAAFRAN (Indian) – There are many Indian restaurants in Lisbon, but this is the most refined. It’s perfect for a dinner for two.