The 5 Best Free Attractions in Lisbon

Lisbon is already Western Europe’s least expensive city, but in addition to the lower prices in accommodation and restaurants, you can also save on many of the city’s main attractions. Most of them are always free with the Lisboa Card, and others are free all the time, for everyone. Here are the five where money should be no excuse to miss:

Museu Berardo

This museum has one of Europe’s best modern and contemporary art collections and also presents temporary exhibitions. It’s right next to the city’s must-see monument, the Jeronimos Monastery.

Mude - Museu do Design

With a permanent collection of fashion and design by many of the world’s leading designers, this will become one of Lisbon‘s main attractions in the next couple of years. At the moment only a couple of the floors of the building are open to the public, and only part of the collection is on display, but it’s enough to make a visit worthwhile, especially when it’s free.

Museu do Teatro Romano, Lisboa

This tiny museum is for history buffs or for those wanting to know more about Lisbon’s Roman past. It’s next to the archaeological ruins of a Roman theater and shows pieces found on the site along with multimedia displays explaining the Roman times in the city.

Sé de Lisboa

Most cathedrals around Europe now charge admission, but not in Lisbon. You can visit the rather gloomy interior of this 12th-century monument for free, there is only admission charge for the cloisters and the treasury.

Basilica da Estrela

It’s one of the city’s biggest monuments and most tourists pass by during their journey on the famous tram 28. Everyone’s free to see the grand marble interior, including a royal tomb and a monumental nativity scene by one of Portugal’s all-time best sculptors.