Lisbon is One of Europe’s Best Shopping Cities, Says Study

Lisbon shoppingWhen you think of shopping in Europe, the cities of Paris, London and Milan automatically come to mind. Lisbon, still completely undiscovered in every aspect, doesn’t even enter a top 10 list in that category. But a recent study says otherwise. The Economist Intelligence Unit analyzed shopping in 33 European cities and Lisbon ranked in seventh place behind London (not surprisingly at number one), Madrid (a surprising number 2), Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Berlin. The Portuguese capital actually ranked better than other cities that receive much bigger buzz such as Amsterdam, Milan and Vienna. The Globe Shopper City Index says Lisbon has competitive prices, affordable hotels and a wide selection of restaurants. Naturally, it also points out the sunniest weather in Europe, ranking number one in climate. Another category in which it ranked at the top was international cuisine (the number and variety of restaurants), and also scored high in safety and quality hotels. Unsurprisingly, it was also found to be Western Europe’s most affordable city.
In terms of culture it ranked sixth behind Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona and London. However it did poorly in accessibility for the number of available flights.

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