500 Posts for Lisbon

Go Lisbon BlogThis is GoLisbon’s 500th blog post. Go Lisbon Blog has become the most widely-read English-language blog about Lisbon (and Portugal in general) on the web. Published since 2006, it’s been a reference for The New York Times and London’s The Times, as well as a recommended source for Lisbon information in newspapers and magazines like Paris’ Metro and New York Magazine. The insider’s scoop on all that’s new and relevant in Lisbon has also led to a recommendation in the Lonely Planet guidebooks, as well as a selected blog with posts featured on that publication’s website. Our information has also been a reference for countless other blogs and websites, often republished or translated into other languages.
More than just reporting on what’s new or noteworthy in Lisbon and/or Portugal, this blog also presents a perspective and detailed information not found anywhere else. That’s a knowledgeable local perspective but from a “foreign” eye, offering insights and up-do-date stories.
It’s the result of a passion for everything Lisbon, making it more than just another Lisbon blog. It’s a window to Lisbon culture for an international audience, bringing to the city a more informed and more curious traveler who then leaves with a real and more profound appreciation for all of Lisbon’s unique and seductive charms.