Lisbon to Tell Its Story in Its Main Square

Comercio Square, Lisbon

It already has a museum presenting its history and cultural heritage (the City Museum), but in 2012 Lisbon will have another space dedicated to the celebration of its life as we know it. It will be called “Lisboa Story Center” and will be found in the city’s largest square, Praça do Comercio. It will be just one of several new attractions on that riverfront plaza, which this year already renovated and opened one of its courtyards with new cafés, restaurants and a tourist shop.
The new establishments should be in business by next summer, and will include yet another restaurant, two cafés, a bar, a beer hall, a florist shop, and space for special events.
It will cost a total of 10 million euros and is part of the ongoing riverfront renovation works which is taking longer than expected due to budget cuts and institutional reforms.
As for the “Lisboa Story Center,” it will be ready in October, but no information has been given on how it will complement the exhibits already found in the City Museum. However, previous reports indicated it should be related to “Pombaline Lisbon,” the time when Lisbon rose from the ashes of the 1755 earthquake and built a state-of-the-art downtown. It will focus on the architectural innovation of the area and the rebuilding of the city’s most monumental square.

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