Lisbon Has one of Europe’s Best Tourist Cards, According to EuroTest

Lisboa CardLisbon’s tourist card (the “Lisboa Card“) has been found to be one of Europe’s five best tourist passes according to a study by Eurotest. A total of sixteen cards from different European cities were analyzed, and Lisbon’s card was only topped by Vienna’s, Oslo’s, Ljubljana’s, and Amsterdam’s.

According to Eurotest, the Lisboa Card didn’t rank higher because it fails to provide priority admission but scored points for offering free access to public transportation (including the metro from the airport) and to a varied choice of attractions, including the main monuments and landmarks.

Many of these types of cards are often not worth the investment because they only offer small discounts and don’t include the main sights, but in Lisbon’s case it’s a must-get as it saves lots of money and time. Tourists have the option to buy it for as many as three days and have the opportunity to buy it online before they leave home, picking it up on arrival at the airport or at a tourist office.

At the bottom of the list were the tourist cards of Berlin and Paris.

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