“Eat Portugal”

Eat PortugalWhether you’re a curious foodie or a long-time fan of Portuguese food you may want to try to prepare some of Portugal’s most popular dishes. If you’re not yet familiar with Portuguese cuisine, you may want to check out our food guide which includes recipes for two old favorites. For additional recipes, there’s the “Eat Portugal” book. Written by Lucy Pepper (a British illustrator and writer living in Portugal since 1999) and Célia Pedroso (a Portuguese journalist) who both share a passion for food, it’s a step-by-step guide to preparing Portugal’s favorite dishes with ingredients you can find almost anywhere in the world.
Written in English for a foreign reader, it explains the history of each specialty, including soups and desserts. Especially helpful is the glossary which makes you better understand the dishes you find on a typical Lisbon menu and there’s also a dictionary at the end.
Well illustrated, it whets your appetite for some quite surprising foods.
You’ll find the book at book stores in Lisbon or you may order it online from the publisher:
Book: Eat Portugal book
E-book: Eat Portugal eBook