10 New Restaurants to Try in Lisbon this Fall

A Cultura do Hamburger, Lisbon

Rua das Salgadeiras, 38
Tel: 213 430 272

Formerly a tea house, this attractive space in Bairro Alto is now all about hamburgers. They all come with fries, and there are also the traditional Portuguese “pregos” (steak sandwiches).

Apicius, Lisbon

Rua da Cruz dos Poiais, 89
Tel: 213 900 652

You’ll find this small restaurant between Bairro Alto and São Bento Palace. From outside (in a tile-covered building) you’d expect a traditional place, but the interior is very contemporary — not just the decor but also the food, which is of international inspiration.

Bastardo, Lisbon

Rua da Betesga, 3
Tel: 213 240 993

Looking out to Rossio Square in the Internacional Design Hotel, this restaurant is open to anyone wishing to try some creative Portuguese cuisine. It uses regional products and has a stylish interior, made up of mismatched chairs and funny portraits on the wall.

Don Castellana, Lisbon

Rua da Moeda, 1 H/N
Tel: 213 901 016

Just around the corner from Ribeira Market, this restaurant has a Roman-born chef preparing refined Italian cuisine. It’s served in a classic-style dining room which may be booked for private parties.

In Bocca al Lupo, Lisbon

Rua Manuel Bernardes, 5A
Tel: 213 900 582

Hidden on a quiet street by Praça das Flores in the Príncipe Real district, this restaurant presents thin-crust pizzas prepared in a wood oven. It stands out from the other pizza places in town by being organic, and for offering the choice of vegan pizzas.

La Favorita do Cais, Lisbon

Rua de São Paulo, 61
Tel: 211 376 146

This pizzeria in the recent nightlife district of Cais do Sodré prepares the pizza in a wood oven, and uses the traditional Italian toppings. There are also pastas and salads, which you may enjoy until late, as it only closes at 1AM.

Lisboete, Lisbon

Calçada Marquês de Abrantes, 92
Tel: 213 950 953

Not far from the Ancient Art Museum is this all-white restaurant that mixes Paris and Lisbon. The desserts are French, the cheeses are Portuguese, and the rest of the menu (mostly meat and fish) combines the flavors of Portugal and France.

Mô Petiscaria, Lisbon

Rua das Madres, 2
Tel: 213 900 420

Found off the beaten path in the Madragoa district (the one major attraction within walking distance is the Ancient Art Museum), this small space offers the “petiscos” (tapas) of the Algarve region. There are always daily specials (listed on a chalkboard).

Moules & Wine, Lisbon

Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103 (Lx Factory)
Tel: 211 340 579

Taking over one of the many former warehouses of the Lx Factory complex, this restaurant specializes in mussels accompanied by little-known Portuguese wines. Both the interior and the terrace in the back (plus a few tables by the entrance) reflect the industrial past of the space. The lower level becomes a club on Friday and Saturday nights.

Taberna da Baixa, Lisbon

Rua dos Fanqueiros, 161-163
Tel: 218 870 290

This small restaurant is found downtown and offers traditional Portuguese dishes and wines. The several “petiscos” (tapas) vary daily, and are listed outside. It follows the style of the classic Portuguese taverns, but gives it a contemporary touch.