Kanazawa Restaurant offers a new Kaiseki-based tasting menu in July


Kanazawa is a very exclusive Japanese restaurant in the Restelo area of Lisbon, specialising in Kaiseki gastronomy and run by Chef Paulo Morais, one of the first chefs in Portugal to specialise in Japanese food. The restaurant has a new tasting menu for July, using fruit and vegetables as a base to keep us fresh in the Summer heat.

For starters, you can find a Chinese goiaba aromatic sake with rice cookie, and eel, pickled peach and baked peach purée toppings.

You can continue the meal with fish sashimi, using a variety of different species such as tuna, greater amberjack and crevalle jack, wahoo (related to mackerel), and redfish. Then a dish called Takiawase, made from sweet potato, baby courgette and pork, presented with dashi stock in a goblet. Next comes the Naka-choko, a cooked vegetable terrine with seaweed gelatine and trout roe served in a somiso sauce.

The high point of this tasting menu is the Hassun, comprised of six delicatessen served in a 24cm box; a fish tartar gaspacho, a cherry conserve with monkfish, sushi with anchovey conserve, a terrine of fish of 3 colours, okra stuffed with sea urchin and shrimp, and duck confite with foie gras, aromatic herbs and fried onion.

The Hiyashi-bashi is then served – a cold soup of duck magret with Somen pasta, wakame seaweed with sesami, smoked duck and mushrooms. Then the Yakimono, grilled tiger shrimp with Japanese aubergine and lotus root. Then it is the time for sushi with several varieties comprising a true delicacy.

Finally, dessert, the icing on the cake of this delicious menu – mango sorbet, Fundão cherry sorbet, and raspberry ice cream with chocolate and wasabi, melon, cantaloupe and watermelon.

Bom proveito!

Kanazawa Japanese Restaurant
Address: Rua Damião de Góis 3, 1400-291 Lisboa
Opening hours: Opens at 7pm, every day except Sundays
Telephone: (+351) 213010292