Kanazawa Restaurant offers a new Kaiseki-based tasting menu in July


Kanazawa is a very exclusive Japanese restaurant in the Restelo area of Lisbon, specialising in Kaiseki gastronomy and run by Chef Paulo Morais, one of the first chefs in Portugal to specialise in Japanese food. The restaurant has a new tasting menu for July, using fruit and vegetables as a base to keep us fresh in the Summer heat.

For starters, you can find a Chinese goiaba aromatic sake with rice cookie, and eel, pickled peach and baked peach purée toppings.

You can continue the meal with fish sashimi, using a variety of different species such as tuna, greater amberjack and crevalle jack, wahoo (related to mackerel), and redfish. Then a dish called Takiawase, made from sweet potato, baby courgette and pork, presented with dashi stock in a goblet. Next comes the Naka-choko, a cooked vegetable terrine with seaweed gelatine and trout roe served in a somiso sauce.

The high point of this tasting menu is the Hassun, comprised of six delicatessen served in a 24cm box; a fish tartar gaspacho, a cherry conserve with monkfish, sushi with anchovey conserve, a terrine of fish of 3 colours, okra stuffed with sea urchin and shrimp, and duck confite with foie gras, aromatic herbs and fried onion.

The Hiyashi-bashi is then served – a cold soup of duck magret with Somen pasta, wakame seaweed with sesami, smoked duck and mushrooms. Then the Yakimono, grilled tiger shrimp with Japanese aubergine and lotus root. Then it is the time for sushi with several varieties comprising a true delicacy.

Finally, dessert, the icing on the cake of this delicious menu – mango sorbet, Fundão cherry sorbet, and raspberry ice cream with chocolate and wasabi, melon, cantaloupe and watermelon.

Bom proveito!

Kanazawa Japanese Restaurant
Address: Rua Damião de Góis 3, 1400-291 Lisboa
Opening hours: Opens at 7pm, every day except Sundays
Telephone: (+351) 213010292

Santini opens two new ice cream kiosks in the Lisbon area


Santini Ice-Cream Kiosk
Santini Ice-Cream Kiosk

Santini continues to grow at the same rate it delights its fans with new tastes! There are now two new ice cream shops in the Lisbon area, the first one located in LACS (Lisbon Art Center & Studios), which is actually in the town of Óbidos, and is a space dedicated to co-working, with art galleries and studios, workshops and much more.

This is a street kiosk, which aims to maintain the traditional concept of the ice cream kiosk, and therefore will only sell the traditional Santini ice creams and not any other food product, and there will be no seating. There will be 10 to 12 different flavours which are rotated on a weekly basis.

The other new Santini space is located in the EXPO area, on the Avenida Dom João II avenue, and has a similar look and feel to the one in Óbidos, with no seating. Here, however, customers can take delight in the traditional Santini cones, as well as cakes, chocolates, tarts, milkshakes and other tasty delights.

Santini LACS
Cais da Rocha Conde de Óbidos,
1350-352 Lisboa

Santini Expo
Loja Expo Tower – Avenida D.João II, Lote 1.16.01,
Parque das Nações 1990-083 Lisboa



Lisbon Day Pass
Lisbon Day Pass

Includes: Tickets For The Hop On Hop Off Bus, Tickets For Torre De Belem And Jerónimos Monastery In Belém And 20% Discount On Everything You Want To Visit More In Lisbon!

The Lisbon Day Pass is the perfect solution for cruise guests who are visiting Lisbon and arrive at one of the 3 cruise terminals in Lisbon:
  • Alcântara Cruise Terminal
  • Santa Apolónia Cruise Terminal
  • The Jardim do Tabaco Quay
From each of these cruise terminal you can take the Hop on Hop off Bus to explore the city like Marques de Pombal, São Jorge Castle, Praça do Comércio and much more! One of the stops is Belém where you can visit Torre de Belem and Jerónimos Monastery.
The Lisbon Day Pass is everything you need when you arrive at one of the Cruise Terminasl in Lisbon. Even better, you receive everything by email so that you don’t waste time picking it up when you arrive.
Simply order your Day Pass online  and you’re ready for all that this wonderful city has to offer:
  • Easy and flexible way of exploring Lisbon with the Hop on Hop off Bus with 3 lines: Belém Line, Oriente Line, Castle Line and the Cascais Line. You can see the routes here and here:
  • Entrance to the Torre de Belem
  • Entrance to the Jerónimos Monastery
  • 20% discount on everything you want to visit more in Lisbon

How does it work when you get of the ship?

From each Cruise Terminal there is a Hop on Hop off Bus stop close by where you can start your journey:
Alcântara Cruise Terminal – Stop nº12 Red Line
Santa Apolónia Cruise Terminal – Stop nº 13 Blue Line
The Jardim do Tabaco Quay – Stop nº 14 Blue Line
You simply Hop on and explore the city. When you reach Belém  you can get off and visit Torre de Belem and Jerónimos Monastery. We made a reservation for you so you can enter both highlights anytime you want that day.

How to book?

Step 2. Please select your arrival date
Step 3. Select how many adults and children will join
A perfect day out on your own in Lisbon!

Concerts in Lisbon in June 2018

LCD Soundsystem
LCD Soundsystem


June is always a great month for concerts in Lisbon, and June 2018 is no exception. Queen with Adam Lambert has unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, already sold out, but there are still some other big names coming to Portugal’s capital city and the possibilities of buying tickets are high. Here’s a quick list of upcoming major concerts this month and in to July:

19th June: LCD Soundsystem at Coliseu dos Recreios – click to see ticket availability

20th June: LCD Soundsystem at Coliseu dos Recreios – click to see ticket availability

21st June: LCD Soundsystem at Coliseu dos Recreios – click to see ticket availability

27th June: Marilyn Manson at Campo Pequeno – click to see ticket availability

28th June: Shakira at the Altice Arena – click to see ticket availability

1st July: Lenny Kravitz at the Altice Arena – click to see ticket availability

2nd July: Ozzy Osbourne at the Altice Arena – click to see ticket availability

13th July: Iron Maiden at the Altice Arena – click to see ticket availability

Have fun! 🙂

Top 10 Fun Activities in Lisbon



In recent times, Lisbon has seen a veritable boom in fun activities for tourists. It’s now possible to visit the historic neighbourhoods of the centre of the city, and navigate the cobbled streets in a variety of ways, ranging from Segways, to jeeps, to sidecars and even aboard an amphibious vehicle which will then head straight to the river for a trip on the water! Here, then, and in no particular order, we list what we think are the Top 10 Fun Activities you can try out in Lisbon:

1. GPS-Guided GoCar Tour

Gocar Tours in LisbonIf you’ve been to Lisbon in the last couple of years, you’ve surely noticed the little yellow 3-wheeler GoCars whizzing around the centre of the city. These 2-seater cars were the first computer-guided storytelling car, originally in San Francisco and then in Lisbon before becoming available in a few other cities. The onboard GPS unit provides instructions so that the car knows where you’re going even if you don’t, allowing you to wander around the small streets and alleys of central Lisbon, investigating the city as you go. More info and bookings here.

2. Discover Lisbon by Sidecar

A relatively new addition to the stable of fun vehicles riding around Portugal’s capital, the motorbike with sidecar provides an entertaining way to tour and see the sights. Driven by a qualified guide, you’re taken around the old streets of Lisbon, with one person in the sidecar and another on the motorbike, and stop off on the way to take some great photos and learn some interesting facts about the city.

Sit back and enjoy the ride in this classic sidecar, taking you back in time to visit the historical areas of Old Lisbon. More info and bookings here.

3. Glide on a Segway

Small-Group Medieval Lisbon Tour by Segway

Segways are quite commonplace these days, and can be seen in airports, used by the police in some cities, and in many other situations. They’re a great way to get around and the perfect means of transport for Lisbon’s sometimes difficult to navigate hills and narrow streets. In just a few minutes you’ll easily learn to ride this self-balancing 2-wheeled vehicle, touring round the city as you stand on the Segway’s platform, allowing you to see the attractions of Lisbon as you glide comfortably on this novel transport. More info and bookings here.

4. Hop-on, Hop-off Tram Tour

One of the first things everybody learns about Lisbon is that the old electric trams still run through the city. As they trundle past, heads turn and cameras flash, and some people even venture onboard to take a quick journey up one of the hills. But the red trams make this possibility even easier, allowing you to buy a ticket, hop-on to visit one part of the city, hop-off to investigate the area by foot, and hop-on again when the next tram comes by. You can start your tour at any of the 6 stops, and ride until you want to hop off, allowing you the flexibility to see the city at your own pace, but with some traditional transport to take you around! More info and bookings here.

 5. A Joyride by Jeep

We Hate Tourism Tours is a local tour company that tries to do things differently, as you might have guessed from the name. They’ve certainly achieved that aim with their King of the Hills tours, taken in what they call their “one of a kind vintage, seven-passenger convertible jeep”. The tour takes you up and down the hills of the city, getting to know the places “only the locals know”, in a “crazy ride” with one of the local drivers. The idea here, obviously, is not to take a typical tour, but to experience something a little different, and to enjoy the novel approach to tourism that this young company is so proud of. More info and bookings here.

 6. Electric Bike Tour

Lisbon Seven Hills Electric Bike TourIt’s certainly not unusual to see traditional bikes being ridden around Lisbon, but we sometimes feel sorry for the rider when he or she has to struggle to climb one of the steep hills the city is known for (and for which we should be grateful, because they give us such wonderful viewpoints at the top!). An electric bike makes such climbs much easier, though, and it’s now possible to hire one of these great inventions to quickly reach the best places for the most stunning views. A tour like this provides a fun way to see the sights and to get a little excercise at the same time – but not too much 🙂   Helmets and reflective vests are provided, and you can ride around the city on the morning, afternoon or night tours. More info and bookings here.


7. The HippoTrip Tour


Of all the tours mentioned on this page, this is certainly the only one that takes place on both land and water. The HippoTrip takes place aboard an amphibious vehicle, the first of its kind in Portugal, and provides a fun-filled guided city tour by a unique means of transport. The HippoTrip bus takes you round the city and on to the water in an entertaining 90-minute trip that will have heads turning and mouths dropping as the large vehicle drives in to the water and then simply keeps afloat to emulate the most seaworthy boats. This is a great way to tour the city and see Lisbon with a splash! More info and bookings here.

8. Lisbon & Sintra by convertible Beetle

Private Tour: Lisbon and Sintra Sightseeing Tour by Convertible BeetleThe old, original VW Beetle car is one of the most-loved and best-known cars of all time. Its instantly recognisable shape is synonymous with fun and adventure, and the restored, convertible models used for this tour certainly provide plenty of that! This 3-hour tour allows you to get to know Lisbon with your family or group of friends, and at the same time enjoy a comfortable drive in this classic car. A full-day tour is also possible, which includes the world heritage listed town of Sintra, a beautiful destination and a perfect place to complement the historical districts of the capital. More info and bookings here.

9. Tuk-Tuk Tours

Untitled-7An auto rickshaw is a three-wheeled cabin cycle used as an essential form of urban transport in many developing countries. So what’s that got to do with Lisbon? Well, the Tuk-Tuk, as it’s commonly known – due to the sound it makes when in motion – is now available as a means of seeing the city. This is a fun way to sit back and let yourself be driven around to see the sights, sitting on the back of this novelty transport to enjoy the warm weather and get a great view of the attractions of the old, historic quarters of Lisbon. These fun vehicles come in different colours and sizes, and are operated by two different companies, but all of them provide an entertaining tour and an experience to remember. More info and bookings here and here.

10. Sunset & Coastline Cruises

For the romantic among you, how about the chance to see the spectacular sunset in Lisbon from a sailboat on the expansive Tagus estuary? Sip a glass of champagne as you admire the city skyline from the deck of your sailboat as you pass by the Belém Tower, Monument to the Discoveries and under the 25th April Bridge, and as the crew point out the famous landmarks on shore, while you’re bathed in the light of the late-afternoon sun. Several different tours by boat are available in Lisbon, even including a hop-on, hop-off version allowing you to visit different shoreline neighbourhoods on a 24-hour ticket. We can’t promise you’ll tour on both land and water like the HippoTrip tour above, but we can promise you’ll end this tour with an unforgettably romantic experience! More info and bookings here.