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“Sea Me”: A Different Kind of Seafood Restaurant in Lisbon

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Sea Me, Lisbon

Lisbon has a new seafood restaurant. One that is also a “modern fish market” and sushi bar.
Found in Chiado, it has a contemporary interior where it’s possible to buy fish to prepare at home or have it right there in the dining area.
Everything sold or served is the fresh “catch of the day” from various locations of the Portuguese coast. At the restaurant it is cooked in various ways, but essentially in a traditionally Portuguese style. It is also available uncooked, in the form of sushi.
From Thursday to Saturday, it stays open until 2AM and is also a nightlife destination, allowing you to stay until late with a glass of wine. DJs provide the accompanying sounds on those nights, usually jazz.

Address: Rua do Loreto, 21

5 Lisbon Cafes for Rainy Days

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

If you happen to be in Lisbon on a rainy day, here is where to seek refuge. These are cafés that could also be destinations themselves, either for their ambience, décor or simply for the food and refreshments they offer.

Your day will be brightened as soon as you enter and see the inviting interior where everyone enjoys an excellent piece of cake and a good drink. The cakes are the first temptations you see, and then you’re given a long list of teas to choose from. Because you’re in Portugal, look for the only tea produced in Europe, in Portugal’s Azores, the Gorreana green tea.
Address: Rua das Salgadeiras 38

Café Fabulas, Lisbon

It’s big but cozy thanks to a very charming décor made up of old furnishings. Not much light comes in from outside, so no matter how gloomy it is on the street, here it’s a wonderful escape where you can eat, drink, and spend some time relaxing, perhaps carefully planning your itinerary. It’s found in Chiado, and a metro station is nearby, where an underground train on the blue line can take you to your next destination — perhaps the Gulbenkian Museum.

Esplanada Café Portas do Sol, Lisbon

Lisbon’s favorite summertime terrace can also be the place to be on rainy and colder days. That’s because there is also a nice interior with large windows that still allow you to look out to the city. Relax as you watch the rain fall over Alfama‘s rooftops and church towers, have a drink and a light meal, and then hop into tram 28 just a few feet away to get to the following attraction on your sightseeing list.

This historic café is known for its monumental interior and as a pastry shop offering some of the city’s most sugary confections.
Dating from the 1920s, its name comes from the obvious inspiration for the mirrored walls and stucco ceiling decorations, and is easy to reach on the yellow line of the metro, the best way to get around the city on rainy days.
Address: Avenida da República 15A

Pois Café, Lisbon

This is one of the favorite cafés in the city to stay sitting with friends, or reading a book and periodicals. It’s found close to the cathedral where tram 28 stops, and it serves daily specials that combine Portuguese and Austrian dishes. It’s also a good place for brunch on a rainy weekend. The best spots, if you are lucky to find them unoccupied, are the ones with sofas and not the less-comfortable wooden chairs.

Lisbon’s Chiado Celebrates Autumn on the Streets

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Festa no Chiado

It’s officially autumn in Europe, but it only gets really cold in Lisbon in December. So, rain or shine, it’s still a wonderful time to walk around the city, and for that reason the Chiado district throws a party every year at this time.
Taking place from the 9th to the 16th of the month, the “Festa no Chiado” is a variety of events and activities which will include special exhibitions in the neighborhood’s galleries and oldest bookstores, outdoor concerts in Praça do Camões and inside São Carlos Theater, and free guided tours of the São Roque Museum and of the Carmo Convent ruins (must be booked in advance to join).
There will also be guided walking tours of the neighborhood which will take participants into the most historical shops and back in time into some of the city’s most historical moments of the last century such as the regicide of 1908.
Everything is free and an excuse to discover little-known or forgotten sides of Lisbon’s favorite neighborhood.
The entire program for each day is found here: Centro Nacional de Cultura

Lisbon’s Top 5 Summer Rooftop Terraces

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Because summer in Lisbon lasts until October, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy some of the best spots of the season. Of the many terraces in the city (from outdoor cafés to riverfront restaurants), the ones to seek this summer are high up on the rooftops, offering views, cooler air, drinks, and relaxation after a day of sightseeing, meetings, or work:


Sky Bar, Tivoli Lisboa Hotel

It was one of the most talked-about bars last summer and it’s back this year. The views alone are worth a visit, but then there is also a good variety of cocktails (including a couple of non-alcoholic choices), soups, salads, wraps and noodles. It’s found at the top of the Tivoli Lisboa Hotel and it’s especially recommended late in the afternoon, staying for a light dinner as the sun sets followed by late-night cocktails.


Brasserie Rossio

It’s one of Lisbon’s newest restaurants in one of the city’s newest hotels (Altis Avenida). So not too many people know that from here there are beautiful views of downtown all the way to the river, standing above Rossio Station and Restauradores Square. Although the dining area is indoors (but still offering views through its glassed walls), tables and chairs have been placed on the terrace so you can enjoy a light meal or simply a drink at any time of the day. And that’s open to everyone, including non-hotel guests.


NH Liberdade Hotel

Right in the center of Lisbon’s busiest avenue, Avenida da Liberdade, is one of the city’s top secrets. It’s on the top floor of the NH Liberdade Hotel, a terrace with a pool open to non-hotel guests. For 20 euros (quite reasonable for a hotel pool in the city center), you can spend the day diving and swimming surrounded by city views. When you need to regain some energy, there are salads, sandwiches, juices and beer to enjoy poolside until the sun sets.


Terrace, Bairro Alto Hotel

It’s quite small and all the seats are usually taken when you get there, but it’s worth waiting for a spot at this rooftop bar in the Bairro Alto Hotel. Recommended for the afternoon, the drink to get on the hottest days is the “granizado,” a crushed ice and fruit blend.


Entretanto Bar, Hotel do Chiado

Perhaps the best-known of all of Lisbon’s rooftop terraces, “Entretanto” of the Hotel do Chiado offers drinks throughout the day, and is also a good stop for afternoon tea once it gets colder.
To accompany everything are fantastic city views, from the castle to the top of the triumphal arch of Comercio Square.

The New “Santini”: Lisbon’s Favorite Ice Creams Now in the Center of the City

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Santini, Chiado, Lisbon

There are many great ice cream shops in Lisbon, but ask anyone which is their favorite and they’ll most likely name one outside the city. That’s Santini in the suburb of Cascais which has been serving tempting Italian ice creams since the late 1940s. But starting today everyone can also find it in the center of Lisbon, in the Chiado district.
It opens its doors at 10AM and unlike the shop in Cascais, it will not close in winter. So from now on there will be Santini ice creams throughout the year and so much more accessible.
What makes these ice creams so special? There are no artificial flavorings (if it says it’s of a certain fruit, it really is) and they’re all made on that same day. For the Lisbon branch there will be new flavors such as ginger and purple passion fruit to add to the cinnamon, green tea, and other old favorites such as raspberry and mango. Another great news is that it will also serve the Best Chocolate Cake in the World which will perhaps become the most popular choice on the colder days. On those winter days it will also likely be accompanied by the Nespresso coffee available.
You can have it all at any time, as doors will only close at midnight every day.

Address: Rua do Carmo, 9

Lisbon’s Newest Hostel Offers the “Royal” Treatment

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Royak Lisbon Hostel

It’s been widely reported that Lisbon has the world’s best hostels and just a couple of days ago a new one opened as a strong contender to one of the top spots in the “world’s best” list. It has the rather pompous name of “Royal Lisbon Hostel” and it does automatically score points for its location on Largo do Camões, one of the city’s most central squares connecting its two most popular neighborhoods, Chiado and Bairro Alto.
Inside you’ll find everything you expect from a modern hostel, from spacious lockers for your belongings to comfortable beds. As at most other hostels, the bathrooms are shared but divided by gender. Prices are of course quite affordable, and it also allows you to save further by letting you prepare your own meals in the kitchen. You can enjoy them in the dining room before moving to the lounge area with views over the square, watching over the cafés and busy life of the surroundings. That’s also where you can access the wireless internet before stepping right into Lisbon’s vibrant street life.
This is no 5-star accommodation, but its privileged location, brand-new facilities, relaxed ambience, and affordability make it a luxury option for budget travelers.
Complete details and booking information here: Royal Lisbon Hostel

Portugal’s Top Fashion Designer Opens a Restaurant in Lisbon: “Unique”

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Fatima Lopes' Unique Chiado Bar-Restaurant, Lisbon

UPDATE: This restaurant has closed.

She’s opened boutiques in Paris and Los Angeles in addition to her shop in Lisbon, but Fátima Lopes is now also entering the restaurant business. Widely considered to be Portugal’s most international fashion designer, Lopes is essentially a business woman, and her new restaurant that opened this weekend will have her seal of approval on everything from the staff’s uniforms to the plates and silverware. It’s a place designed to be luxurious, but reportedly with “prices for everyone.” It’s actually more than a restaurant, it’s also a bar and the large pavement outside by the entrance will have tables when weather allows it. The cuisine will be contemporary Portuguese, created by João Simões, a rising star in Lisbon’s gastronomy who’s won the Junior Chef distinction at the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). He’s previously worked at Lisbon’s Bica do Sapato, Hotel Four Seasons Provence (France), and until recently was at one of the restaurants of Altis Belém Hotel.
In addition to the food you can expect good background music and drinks served until 2AM at the bar. Judging by the list of local celebrities who showed up for the inauguration, this is clearly also a place to see and be seen, but word is that it’s not necessarily a pretentious place.
You can find the restaurant in Chiado, on Rua Paiva de Andrade, right across from São Carlos Theatre (no website yet).

Wine in the Afternoon Overlooking Lisbon at Entretanto Bar, Hotel do Chiado

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Entretanto Bar, Hotel do Chiado, Lisboa

From now until February 28th you can have a glass of wine as you admire one of the best views of Lisbon after a day of sightseeing, conferences, or work in the city. Every day at 5PM, Hotel do Chiado‘s special “After Work Wine Experience” will offer Portuguese wines at its rooftop “Entretanto Bar” which has one of the most beautiful views of Lisbon, from the river to the castle and uptown. The wine is served by the glass starting at €2.50, and you may choose among reds, whites, and sparkling wines — all from Portugal. Each comes with an accompanying snack or tapa, and on some days there will also be live music (mostly jazz and bossa nova). That’s the perfect ambience and the perfect setting for the most perfect end to your day or start of your night in Lisbon.
While this event is open to everyone, if you’re a guest at the hotel, you can have just a few extra drinks, since your bed will not be too far away. More hotel information here: Hotel do Chiado.

“Largo” – Lisbon’s Next Great Restaurant

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Restaurante Largo, Lisbon

You heard it here first: “Largo” is Lisbon’s next great restaurant. You’ll soon see it recommended in every major article about Lisbon and will become one of the most talked-about in the city. Its location in Chiado, in an old cloister by the opera house works in its favor, but it’s the highly professional team behind it that guarantees that this restaurant is a major treat for your eyes and tastebuds. The décor is the creation of Miguel Câncio Martins, mostly known for Paris’ famous Buddha Bar, while the menu is the work of Miguel Castro e Silva, one of Portugal’s most acclaimed chefs who’s been in Porto‘s “Bull & Bear” (largely known as one of the country’s best restaurants) over the past few years. While every dish has a certain international touch, everything on your plate will essentially be Portuguese cuisine, perhaps with the exception of the chef’s signature foie gras tureen.
The two Miguels have created a space that works as a romantic restaurant for couples or as a sophisticated-yet-relaxed business lunch destination. The interior is quite beautiful, with imported furnishings such as Danish lights and a Dutch portico standing out in an attractively-lit space with old columns and sea anemone tanks. It accommodates up to 120 people, but it’s a good idea to book your table in advance. The prices are slightly above average but you’ll agree that the experience is worth it.

Address: Rua Serpa Pinto, 10A
Phone: 21 347 7225
Opens every day

Lisbon: From Fado to Fashion

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Lisboa - El Pais

Spain is naturally one of the countries that most visits Lisbon, as it’s just across a border that’s essentially imaginary, with the open borders policy set by the European Union’s Schengen agreement. At around Christmas time, New Year’s, and Easter, it’s quite common to hear as much Castilian in Lisbon’s Chiado as Portuguese. So perhaps anticipating a large Spanish migration to Lisbon at this time of the year, Spain’s “El Pais” just published a 24-hour guide to the Portuguese capital.
Entitled “From Fado to Fashion,” the article focuses on the city’s trendier side, from its alternative shops in the Principe Real and Bairro Alto districts, to the new Design and Fashion Museum. That’s not the only recent museum to get special mention, as the Orient Museum and Berardo Museum are also considered unmissable.
Overall, this is a list of recommendations that show how Lisbon has become much more of a globalized city while also managing to reinvent itself as a continuously authentic place.
You may read the entire article at the El País website. It’s in Spanish but you may always use the Google translator to read it in your native language: Del Fado a lo ‘Fashion’