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Central, stylishly furnished, and cheaper than most hotels.

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Stylish accommodation in the center of the city has given Lisbon awards for world's best hostels every year.


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Multimedia Course (Brazilian Portuguese)

Learn PortugueseLearn Portuguese Now! is a comprehensive program that helps students to learn the language in context through video immersion. Users can take basic vocabulary and quickly progress to more advanced comprehension and use. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, pronunciation skills, and more are emphasized through the use of native Portuguese language texts, videos, and stories that immerse the user in the language and provide opportunities for language investigation, skill-building and role play. Once you are engaged in this rich multimedia experience, you may never feel like you're studying, and the fact that you are actually using another language becomes transparent.

What you get with Learn Portuguese Now ...
  • Over 15,000 Words
  • Hundreds of useful phrases
  • Full motion "Big Picture" video
  • Full native speaker pronunciation
  • SlowSound to hear every nuance
  • Advanced pronunciation practice
  • Record, Playback and Compare
  • Alphabet reference & grammar tutorial
  • Conversation practice
  • Integrated vocabulary software
  • MP3 audio for iPods or other players
  • Personal list creation (with sound) from 15,000 words
  • Interactive games
  • Video unscramble
  • Online testing
  • Personal progress tracking
  • And much more!

Please use the following link for more information:-

Learn Portuguese Now!

Before You Know It!

The revolutionary software that teaches you words and phrases so you know them cold - with Perfect Recall - is now integrated right into Learn Portuguese Now ...

  • Quick launch of BYKI from within Learn Portuguese Now!
  • Companion BYKI lists to use with immersion content
  • Dozens of bonus lists from BYKI Deluxe
  • The ability to create custom BYKI lists (complete with native speaker sound) from any of the 15,000 words in Learn Language Now!
Portuguese Flash Cards

Exciting Content and Interactive Activities

Learn Portuguese Now! is a revolutionary language-learning tool based on the proven Transparent Method of learning how to use a language in context through rich multimedia activities. Learn Portuguese Now! unites industry-leading tools with authentic, native multimedia content to make learning fast, fun, and effective.

Language content & activities

Large Video Screen

Just select one of the interesting articles or stories and click to explore the Portuguese language. View Portuguese language videos complete with the sites and sounds of real people speaking and interacting in Portuguese. Or jump directly into exciting interactive games, pronunciation-improving practice or invigorating conversations. Determine your own learning pace by deciding when you need translation-and when you don't. All the tools you need to quickly master a language are instantly available in Learn Portuguese Now!
Portuguese Language Video

Interactive Conversational Practice

Practice your lines using the prompts and the integrated speech features, then record your voice and replay the whole conversation with the lines you've recorded. It's a terrific way to get valuable real-world experience using your new language. In no time, you'll be conditioned to respond correctly without thinking about it, just like you do in English.

Interactive Portuguese Conversation

Learn on the Go. Anywhere, Anytime!

MP3 Learning on Your iPod or Other Player - Learn language Now! comes with dozens of BYKI Pod Audio MP3 files. Now you can practice your language wherever you take your MP3 player.

Portuguese for iPods

Learn Portuguese Now! »


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