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Learning to Speak Portuguese in Algarve, Portugal

Portimão is one of the largest towns on the Algarve and, since pre-Roman times, has survived and grown thanks to its thriving fishing industry. Praia da Rocha, a magnificent beach known for its strange yellow rock formations standing in the blue-green sea, is in itself a magnificent reason to visit this area. It is the widest cliff-backed stretch of sand in Europe, stretching on to become Praia do Vau, with more towering rock formations.
The river-front gardens with their cafes and open-air restaurants - serving the famous grilled sardines, or "sardinhas" - hold most charm for visitors. At the school in Portimão, you will learn to converse in Portuguese with ease. You will have the delightful experience of succeeding in breaking the language barrier during your stay in Portugal.

The following courses are available in Portimão:

General Course (15 classes per week)

This is a group course which runs all year round and is available for all levels; beginners to advanced. It is the most popular group course, focussing on the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, combined with aspects of local culture. The course attracts students of all ages and backgrounds and is recommended for those who wish to learn the language at a steady pace. Lessons usually take place Monday to Friday in the morning, although in high season they make take place in the afternoon.
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Intensive Course (30 classes per week)

Similar to the general course above, because it is available throughout the year and at all levels from beginners to advanced. This course should be taken by those who may have less time to study or  prefer more intensive language tuition each week. On this course the average age is usually higher than that of the general course and the motivation of the students is strong. Again, lessons focus on the four main language skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing, and take place Monday to Friday both in the morning and the afternoon.
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Individual Course (20 classes per week)

This is a personalised course and is designed to adapt to the specific requirements of the student. It will progress at just the right speed for you, since it is tailor-made to your individual needs and interests. To start, teacher and student sit down together to discuss your requirements and goals. Teachers may alternate to provide exposure to different accents and to learn vocabulary specific to your business. Unlike group courses, it is sometimes possible for these individual courses to start on a day other than a Monday. Private lessons for two people can also be arranged from 5 to 50 hours per week.
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