The 3 Reasons to Visit Lisbon in Autumn

Lisbon sunset

It’s Still Warm and the Sunsets Are At Their Most Beautiful

It can be rainy in late October and November, but the sun may also shine brightly and may still be warm enough for a t-shirt. Average high temperatures in October are in the mid-20sC (mid-high 70sF), so beach days are not out of the question. In fact, you can expect mild weather until December, when the rest of Europe is already freezing.

Autumn is also the season to catch the most beautiful sunsets in Lisbon, as it’s when the sun sets on the horizon behind 25 de Abril Bridge, when seen from the center of the city. The best spots to see it are Cais das Colunas and Ribeira das Naus, the pier and promenade by Comércio Square. The Santa Catarina Viewpoint and Belém Tower are other destinations for the best sunset views at this time of year.

The Prices are Inviting

As soon as August ends, the prices for accommodation in Lisbon go down. September is still considered medium-high season, but after October you can even find a few 5-star hotels for just over 100 euros per night. Booking online is always the best option in order to get the best deals, including for the many apartments in the center of the city, which can be a good value.

The Special Events

After months at the beach, Lisbon gets ready to enjoy city life again in the fall. And there’s a number of international film festivals, which are perfect for a rainy day. Starting in September, there’s usually Motelx, the international horror film festival. That’s followed by QueerLisboa, screening LGBT-themed films from around the world. Then comes the French Film Festival, which is usually followed by DocLisboa, the international documentary film festival. In November comes the Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival. Finally, if you’re a fashionista, you can always catch the events related to Lisbon Fashion Week in October.